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Five New Years Resolution Ideas

The new year is right around the corner, as of the date this article was published, that is.

Have you started thinking about your new year’s resolution ideas or as we like to say, your goals for the upcoming year?

If you haven’t, that’s ok! It’s never too late to start thinking about your upcoming goals. In fact, the best time to start is right now, today!

To help get you started with some great ideas, here are five fun new year’s resolution ideas you may not have thought of.

Idea 1 – Stop Making Lists That Involve Making More Lists

As silly as this may sound, when is the last time you made a list that included the task of creating some other list?

In other words, when is the last time you planned to plan more?

Although planning is great, and we even composed an article about planning, planning will not lead to results unless it is followed by action.

Take the opportunity to plan your next actions, and follow through on getting things done. It’s the best thing you can do to achieve great results.

Idea 2 – Read Ten New Books

We know this one sounds tough, and it may even seem scary.

But don’t worry, it can absolutely be done. In fact, it might be even easier than you may first imagine.

Let’s say that the average length of the books you might read is 200 pages. Now let’s consider that you will try to read just a little each day.

If you do the math, ten books multiplied by 200 pages is 2,000 pages. This number seems scary, but watch what happens next.

If you take the number 2,000 and divide it by 365 (the number of days in the year), you end up with about 5.479.

Even if you round this number up to 6, it is still only 6.

If you take ten to fifteen minutes to read only six pages every day, you will have achieved your goal of reading ten new books within the year.

How awesome is that?

Idea 3 – Try to Perform One Act of Kindness Every Day

Kindness goes a long way. It affects you and those around you, and it is not difficult to find or do.

Why not give it a shot to try and perform one act of kindness each day? Even if you miss a day here or there, you will still make a positive impact on the lives of others and on this world.

If you need a little help coming up with ideas, check out our Kindness Calendar template that you can download today.

Idea 4 – Build a Better Budget

This one might sound tedious and boring, but the payoff would be well worth it in the end.

Imagine what would happen if you were in control of your money instead of it controlling you. Maybe you already have a solid budgeting system and it works for you. Is there any way you can make it better?

There are many investments we can make in this lifetime, but one of the best investments we can make is in ourselves.

If you invest in your habits and skills and systems, like your budgeting habits and systems, for instance, it will pay dividends in your life going forward.

Either way, give it some thought and see what you can do. You just might surprise yourself with what you find.

Idea 5 – Build Better Habits

This idea certainly plays off the previous one in a more general fashion.

Your day-to-day habits are what truly shape your life and your destiny, so it’s a good idea to take a close look at what you do daily.

If you need a tool to help you track your habits, check out the Habit Log template that you can download right away.

This template makes it easy to list and track your habits for the year.

And above everything else, remember – it’s never too late to start thinking about your goals. In fact, the best time to start is right now, today!

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  1. These are all such great ideas! I know my focus is going to be on building better habits this year, but I might just even add a few of the goals listed here! Thanks for the great ideas.

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