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Email Newsletter Challenge 16

This week’s challenge will test your knowledge of sparklines! Are you familiar with sparklines? Try the challenge below to find out.

Download the spreadsheet challenge using the links below.


This time, your task is to create mini in-cell charts (sparklines) to display the monthly sales numbers for each product. You also want to make the the y-maximum 100 for each chart.

Solution – Excel

To complete this task in Excel, start by selecting the range I4:I9.

Then go to Insert > Sparklines > Column.

For the data range, select C4:H9. Then press OK.

Your final step is to set the y-axis maximum value to 100. Go to Sparkline > Axis > Vertical Axis Maximum Value Options > Custom Value.

Enter a value of 100, and press OK.

You now have mini in-cell charts to display the sales numbers for each product.

Solution – Google Sheets

To complete this task in Google Sheets, start by selecting cell I4, and enter the following formula.

=SPARKLINE(C4:H4, {"charttype","column";"ymax",100})

This formula uses the SPARKLINE function to create a mini in-cell chart to display the data. You can read more about the Google Sheets SPARKLINE function here.

Once you’ve completed the first formula, simply use the fill handle to copy the formula down for the rest of the products in the list.

Thanks for challenging yourself this week, and I hope you had fun and learned something new. If you’d like to learn more about sparklines then check out these articles.

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