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Email Newsletter Challenge 13

This week’s challenge will test your ability to calculate a cumulative total. You’ll need to get your references right for this one. Think you’re up to the challenge?

Download the spreadsheet challenge using the links below.

The Challenge

This week, your task is to calculate the running total to complete the data table.

The Solution

The solution is the same for both Excel and Google Sheets. Start with cell D4, and enter the following formula.


The formula contains a reference with the first cell address written as an absolute reference and the second address written as a relative reference.

You write it this way so that only the second part of the reference changes when you copy the formula down with the fill handle. Speaking of which, go ahead and copy the formula down with the fill handle to complete this challenge.

Once you do, the range changes for each formula to include each new row as the formula is copied down and you end up with the running total.

Thanks for challenging yourself this week, and I hope you had fun and learned something new.

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