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Dynamic Numbered List in Google Sheets

If you are one to manage your tasks in Google Sheets, then this article is for you.

How Do You Number Your Tasks?

Whenever you number your tasks in Google Sheets, do you find yourself typing in 1 and 2 and then using the fill handle to drag down the list?

This is definitely one way you can go about numbering your tasks, but there is an even easier way to do it!

Use the SEQUENCE Function

To create your numbered list much faster, try using the SEQUENCE function.


Just select the cell that starts the numbering of your tasks, and type in the following formula.

The SEQUENCE function will create a numbered list based on the number you select for the first argument. In this case, a ten is entered to create a numbered list for up to ten tasks!

Make the List Dynamic

Now, what do you do if you only want there to be numbers for tasks that are listed?

You can combine the COUNTA function with the SEQUENCE function. Here is how the formula would look.


The COUNTA function references your task range and counts how many tasks are listed. This number is passed to the SEQUENCE function, which then generates a numbered list for all your tasks.

How cool is that!?

So now, the next time you put together a quick task list in Google Sheets, you can quickly create a dynamic list of numbers to go with it.

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