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Create Bar Codes in Google Sheets

Here is a unique trick that you can pull off in Google Sheets.

We will show you how to create barcodes for all of your product IDs. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Format column A as text.
  2. Add product IDs to the spreadsheet.
  3. Create the barcode formula.
  4. Copy the barcode formula.
  5. Select and apply the barcode font.

Step 1 – Format Column A as Text

The first thing you want to do is format column A as text. All the product IDs will go in column A, and these are a list of alphanumeric characters.

You want to format these as text so long Product IDs will be fully displayed, and you can also have leading zeros.

Highlight column A by clicking on the column heading.


Use the Toolbar to change the number format to Plain Text.

Step 2 – Add Product IDs

The second thing you need to do is create a list of barcodes is a list of product IDs.

A barcode is simply a machine-readable representation of numerals and characters. Therefore, you need a list of numerals and characters (the product IDs) to create barcodes in the first place.

In cell A1, type in “Product ID.”


Enter all Product IDs in the remaining cells in column A.

Step 3 – Create the Barcode Formula

In cell B1, type in “Barcode.”


Column B will contain all of the generated barcodes.

Type the following formula into cell B2.



This formula will add an asterisk before and after the product ID. The asterisk is necessary because it indicates the beginning and end of the barcode sequence.

Step 4 – Copy the Barcode Formula

Now that you have written the formula, it is much easier to copy the formula down column B rather than re-type the formula in each cell.

Use the fill handle to drag the formula down column B.

Step 5 – Select and Apply the Barcode Font

The final step of the process involves selecting and applying a barcode font to the cells in column B. The font is what will display the actual barcodes.

Start by highlighting all of the cells that contain your formula.


Next, use the Toolbar to select More fonts.


Search for the font, “Libre Barcode 39,” select it, and then click ok.


Use the Toolbar to apply the “Libre Barcode 39” font to the highlighted cells.


You now have a list of barcodes for all of your product IDs. Also, anytime you change any of the product IDs the corresponding barcode will update automatically.


And that is how you create barcodes in Google Sheets!

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  1. I agree with Megan …. very cool! But I have a question and I am almost embarrassed to ask … Is Google Sheets the same as Excel? If not how do you access Google Sheets? Great work and thanks.

  2. As a follow up .. I answered my own question you can find Google Sheets easily in Google Apps. It works really well and is just as easy as described. Just so you know … you can download the Google Sheets product to Excel. Many thanks to Spreadsheet Life for these well done tips!!

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