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Create and Use Shapes in Excel

Did you know that you can create and use shapes in Excel?

You can draw circles, triangles, and squares. And that’s just scratching the surface of what is available.

How to Create a Shape in Excel

To create and use a shape in Excel, go to Insert > Shapes, and then select the shape you want to use.

Once you have selected your shape, you can draw it anywhere on the spreadsheet grid by clicking and dragging.

Now that you have created your shape, you can manipulate it in all sorts of ways.

Change the Shape’s Color

One way you can manipulate your shape is by changing its color. To change the color of a shape, start by selecting that shape with your mouse.

With the shape selected, you will see the Shape Format tab appear in the Excel Ribbon. Go ahead and click on this tab.

Under the Shape Styles group of commands, click on the Shape Fill button to change the color of your shape.

Use the Shape Outline button to change the border color of your shape.

How cool is that?

Re-size the Shape

Another way you can manipulate your shape is by changing its size.

You have a few options when it comes to changing the size of your shape.

If you want to size your shape to precise dimensions or measurements, you can adjust the size by changing the numbers in the Height and Width boxes located in the Size group under the Shape Format tab in the Excel Ribbon.

You can also re-size your shape by following the steps below.

  1. Select the shape with your mouse
  2. Click on one of the white circles located around the edge of your shape
  3. Hold your click and drag to re-size the shape

Align Your Shape with the Grid

What if you want to align your shape with the gridlines in your spreadsheet? How would you do this?

To get your shape to align with the gridlines, you must first enable the Snap to Grid feature. To enable this feature, start by selecting your shape.

With your shape selected, go to Shape Format > Align > Snap to Grid.

You have now enabled the Snap to Grid feature. Now anytime you re-size your shape by clicking and dragging, it will snap to the gridlines making it easy to keep everything aligned.

And that is how you can create, modify, and work with shapes in Excel. If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about working with shapes, let us know in the comments.

We would love to get your feedback and hear more about what you would like to learn!

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  1. I love shapes! They are great for creating buttons. I always forget about “Snap to Grid” but it always makes things so much easier and nicer!

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