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Create an Org Chart in Google Sheets

Did you know that you can create an Org Chart in Google Sheets?

You totally can! You just need to set up your data the right way to make it. In this article, I will show you how.

The Setup

To create an Org Chart in Google Sheets, you need to set up your employee data like this.

You first list all the employees in the first column, regardless of their role or manager.

Then, for each employee, you list the direct report or manager in the second column.

Based on the data above:

  • John is at the top of the hierarchy, so he reports to no one else.
  • Bob reports directly to John.
  • Nicole reports directly to Bob.
  • And so on.

Finally, you can include details for each employee in the third column.

This information will appear whenever you place your cursor above that person’s name in the Org Chart.

Once you have your data set up like this, you are ready to create the chart.

Creating the Chart

Creating the chart is the easy part. Start by selecting all of the employee data. With the data selected, go to Insert Chart.

In the chart editor panel on the right, change the chart type to Organizational Chart.

You now have an Org Chart you can move and re-size within your Google Sheets file.

And that is how you can quickly and effectively create an Org Chart in Google Sheets.

See An Example

Check out the video below to see the whole process demonstrated.

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