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Create a Font-Powered Graph in Excel

When it comes to Excel, there are many different ways you can go about making a chart or graph to visualize your data.

However, this article will show how to do it in a way you’ve probably never seen before. If that intrigues you, then keep reading to see how to do it.

Create a Bar Graph Using Formulas and Font

Of course, you can always use the built-in Excel charts Excel has to offer. And you can also use conditional formatting or Sparklines to place data visualizations within cells.

And more often than not, these may be your best options for visually representing the data; however, there is one more way you can do it if you want to.

You can actually create a bar graph within a cell using the REPT function combined with the Stencil font.

The steps you need to take to pull this off are:

  1. Use the REPT function to enter the pipe or vertical line character to represent a numerical value.
  2. Use the fill handle to copy this formula down for each metric.
  3. Change the font for the range containing the formulas to Stencil.
  4. Change the font color to anything you want.

Here are the steps explained a little more thoroughly.

Step 1 – Use the REPT Function

The REPT function repeats a given text value a specified number of times.

This function accepts two arguments.

  • The first argument is the text value that is repeated.
  • The second argument specifies how many times to repeat the text.

For example, let’s say you have your data laid out similar to what you see below.

You would use the REPT function to repeat the vertical line character a number of times to represent the numerical metric.

=REPT("|", A2)

Step 2 – Copy the Formula Down With the Fill Handle

Once you have your first formula written, you can go ahead and use the fill handle to drag the formula down for all of the metrics you want to visualize.

Step 3 – Change the Font to Stencil

With all your formulas in place, select the range of cells containing those formulas, and change the font to Stencil.

Step 4 – Change the Font Color

At this point, you should now have bars representing each metric.

To change the color of the bars, use the Ribbon to change the font color to whatever you want the bars to be.

And that is how you can create a font-powered graph in Microsoft Excel.

See It In Action

To see an example of the whole process, check out the video below.

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