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Copy Only Visible Cells in Google Sheets

When you select and copy a range containing grouped or hidden cells in Google Sheets, you copy both the visible and non-visible cells.

So if you were to paste the selection elsewhere, you would end up will all of the data copied over.

So how do you copy and paste only the visible cells in Google Sheets?

Use the CTRL Key to Select Data

Instead of selecting the entire range of cells, including the hidden rows and columns, select only the visible cells. Here is how you do it.

Starting near the top left of the range, select the cells up to where the first row and column are hidden.

Next, hold the CTRL key, and select another piece of the range, making sure not to cross any hidden rows or columns.

Repeat this process using the CTRL key to select the various visible parts of the range.

Once you have selected all of the visible cells, you can copy the data. And now only the visible cells are copied over when you paste the data elsewhere.

This Does Not Apply to Filtered Data

Now let’s say you have some data hidden by a filter instead. If you select the filtered range normally, you will only be able to copy the visible cells.

You will not copy any data hidden by a filter.

Keep these techniques and snippets of knowledge in mind when attempting to copy data in Google Sheets.

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  1. This is always so tricky! I wish that Excel had a better way of copying this data, but I also completely understand why it works the way it does.

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