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Combine Cells With a Single Space

In this post, we will show you how to combine the text from multiple cells into a single cell. This trick uses the TEXTJOIN function, and we will cover exactly how it is used.

The TEXTJOIN Function

The TEXTJOIN function concatenates a list or range of text strings using a delimiter.

What in the world does that mean? It means that the TEXTJOIN function takes several different strings (text values) and combines them into a single string. Also, it will place a specified character (delimiter value) between each of the strings used in the combination.

Here is a simple example. The TEXTJOIN function can be used to put together the first, middle, and last names of a person to create their full name.


Also, a space is added between each part of the full name.

How to Use the TEXTJOIN Function

The TEXTJOIN Function requires at least three arguments to work, but is commonly used with more than three.

=TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, text2, etc.)

Here are the arguments:

The first argument is the delimiter. The delimiter is the character that will be placed in between all of the text strings that are combined.

The second argument is a TRUE or FALSE value. If the value is TRUE, then the function will ignore any empty cells. In other words, the function will not add an extra space into the combined string for any cell that is empty.

If the value is FALSE, the function will include an extra space for each referenced cell that is empty.

Finally, the third argument and all following arguments represent the cells containing the string values that will be combined.

The TEXTJOIN Function in Action

To better understand the TEXTJOIN function, let’s look at an example. As shown in the image below, the TEXTJOIN function is used to combine the first name, middle name, and last name of each person into one name.


Because a space is used as the first argument, there is a space between each name. Also, because a value of TRUE is selected for the second argument, there is no extra space added between “Troy” and “Norman” in cell D4.


If the second argument were to be FALSE, then an extra space can be seen between “Troy” and “Norman” in cell D4.


And that about sums up the TEXTJOIN function. It’s a nifty function to use when wanting to combine multiple strings together while using a space as the separator.

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