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Change the Formula Bar Font Size

Did you know that you can change the size of the font in the formula bar in Excel? You most certainly can! (Although, at the time of this post, this method does not work for the Mac version of Excel unfortunately.)

You can make the font larger to make your formulas easier to write and read. Or you can make it smaller to make longer formulas more manageable.

Either way here is how to adjust the size of the font within the formula bar in Excel.

How to Do It

To change the font size of the formula bar, you must change the default font size within Excel.

To do this, go to File Options.

Next, under General, look for the When creating new workbooks section.

Then, you can change the default font size to whatever you would like it to be.

Once you are finished, click on Ok. Excel will inform you that you must close and re-open Excel for the changes to take effect.

So you can click on Ok. Close Excel. And then restart the application.

Now the font size of any text within the formula bar will be set to the size that you chose. And that is how to change the font size of the formula bar in Microsoft Excel.

This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Who knew that it would be this simple? I never even thought about changing the font size, but this is going to be really helpful for me at work!

  2. I am using Microsoft Excel for Mac version 16.85
    After clicking on File, there is no OPTIONS to select.
    I have gone into Excel/Preferences/General and under the heading Settings I changed the font size. When exiting it said I had to close Excel to save the changes. I did. When I reopened Excel, the Formula Bar STILL has a small font but the spreadsheet has the new larger font setting. I can’t seem to find anything that changes the Formula Bar font size.
    Any Suggestions??????

    1. After investigating the issue, it appears that you actually cannot alter the font size of the formula bar in the Mac version of Excel. I’m so sorry that this is the case. I will update the article to reflect this information.

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