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An Employee Directory for Excel

Do you need a simple and easy solution to help you organize all your employees? If this fits your situation, have I got a spreadsheet for you!

The Employee Directory Template

Here at Spreadsheet Life, you can download the Employee Directory template!

This template is built for Excel and will allow you to keep track of all kinds of information about your employees. In fact, you can track:

  • Divisions or departments
  • Positions (both open and filled)
  • Available office spaces
  • All of the contact and office information for each employee

And that’s just scratching the surface. This template is clean and organized, which makes entering and managing information a breeze.

On top of that, this template comes with a built-in lookup page that allows you to view the data for any employee. That way, you can see the data for any employee in an instant.

Download the Template Today

Did I mention that you can download this template right now? Seriously! Just click the link below. I guarantee you will be glad you did!

Employee Directory

Send me an email or leave a comment to let me know your thoughts on this spreadsheet. I always appreciate the feedback, both good and bad.

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