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Add Bubbles to Your Line Chart in Excel

In this article, I will show you how to add bubbles to your line chart in Microsoft Excel.

The Setup

Let’s say you have your data stored in Excel. And let’s also assume you’ve already created a line chart.

The next step is to add bubble markers to your line chart, giving it some flare!

Add the Bubbles

Start by right-clicking on the line and select Format Data Series.

Click on the Paint Bucket icon in the panel on the right.

Click on Marker, and expand the Marker Options.

Select Built-in, and change the type to circle.

Adjust the size to 8 or 9.

Next, click on Fill and select Solid Fill.

Then, change the fill color to the background color of the chart.

After that, select Solid Line under Border.

Make sure the color is the same as the line. Then, increase the width to 2.00.

You now have bubble markers on your line chart in Excel.

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