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A Tournament Bracket in Google Sheets

Do you find yourself trying to put together a tournament bracket for 32 or 64 contestants? If so, have I got a spreadsheet for you!

A Tournament Bracket for 32 Contestants

The Tournament Bracket 32 template is a spreadsheet designed for Google Sheets. This wonderful template makes it easy to put together a tournament bracket.

All you have to do is add in the names, and the bracket builds itself.

On top of that, this template provides you with a list of all the matches.

This makes it super easy to run your tournament because all you have to do is select the victor for each match, and the bracket and matches all update automatically.

Moreover, the bracket itself is easy and fun to view. So the next time you need to put together a tournament bracket for a count of 32 contestants, you can build your bracket with ease right inside Google Sheets.

Click the button below to get your own copy, and try it for yourself.

A Tournament Bracket for 64 Contestants

Let’s say that you have 64 contestants rather than 32. Then try out the Tournament Bracket 64 template instead.

This template works just like the other one with the only difference being space for more contestants.

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