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A Reference Guide for Range Names in Excel

Have you ever heard of Range Names before? If not, that’s okay!

Here is a quick reference guide on Range Names in Excel!

What Are Range Names?

Range names are names you assign to a cell or range of cells in your Excel Workbook.

For example, you can assign the name of “amounts” to the range D4:D23 on Sheet3 of your Excel workbook.

Range Name Rules

Range names must follow two rules.

  1. Range names may not start with a number.
  2. Range names may not contain spaces or special characters (underscores are okay).

How do I create Range Names?

Follow the steps below to create a range name.

  1. Select the cell or range of cells you want to assign a name to.
  2. Enter a name (that follows the rules) into the Name Box.
  3. Press ENTER on your keyboard.

How do I see the Range Names I have created?

You can view the range names you have created in two different ways.

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Name Box.
  2. Go to Formulas > Name Manager.

How can I use Range Names?

Range names can be used to reference a specific cell or range of cells from anywhere in your Excel workbook.

Range names can be used in formulas or functions, and they offer two major benefits.

  1. Range names make your formulas easier to read.
  2. Range names make it easier to references cells on a different worksheet.

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