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A Random Sequence and No Duplicates

This article is a fun one!

You are about to learn how to create a random sequence of numbers with no duplicates. If this sounds fascinating to you, then keep on reading!

Why in the World Would I Need This?

Sometimes, having a sequence of random numbers can come in handy.

It could be for spreadsheet practice, sample data, or just for fun. Either way, it’s nice to know that you can create a random set of numbers with no duplicates.

The RANDBETWEEN function can get you that random dataset for sure. But, there is no guarantee of unique values. What you are about to learn is a much more effective method to avoid those pesky duplicates.

How to Create Your Number Sequence

To create your sequence of numbers with no duplicates, follow the steps listed below.

Start by using the RAND function to create a random decimal number.

Use the fill handle to drag the function down to create many random decimals.

Next, use the RANK function to assign a rank to the first random decimal. Be sure to make the second argument an absolute reference.

Finally, drag the RANK function down using the fill handle, and you’ve got your random sequence of numbers with no duplicates attached.

So now, the next time you need a random number dataset with no duplicates, you know exactly how to make it.

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  1. Wow! This is what I come here for! I would never think to put those two together like that. Thanks for sharing your creative thinking!

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