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A Product Database for Google Sheets

So you have a list of products, but you need a place to keep and organize that list. If this sounds like you, then keep on reading!

The Product Database for Google Sheets

The Product Database is a Google Sheets template that you can download right here at Spreadsheet Life!

This template makes it super easy to add and store your product information in your own Google Drive. But wait, it comes with a whole lot more!

Create an SKU for All Your Products

The Product Database includes a built-in SKU generator for all of your products.

You can configure the settings to build the SKU the way you want. Plus, the way you categorize your products is reflected in each SKU.

The template does all the heavy lifting your you. All you have to do is set it up once, and the template does the rest!

Add Extra Information to Your Products

The Product Database template also comes with three extra fields that you set up to store all kinds of information.

This makes it super easy to make the template your own and store your products the way they’re meant to be stored.

Lookup Product Information in an Instant

Probably one of the coolest features of this template is its ability to look up product information for you in a flash.

You can search by SKU or Product Name. Either way, you can look up and view the information for any product in a matter of seconds.

Download Today

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can download the Product Database today.

I hope this spreadsheet comes in handy and works the way you need it to!

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