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3 Tips for Working With Charts in Excel

Here are three tips that you might not have heard of to help you with your charts in Microsoft Excel!

Tip 1 – Snap to Grid

Have you ever tried to move or resize your chart in Excel and line it up with specific cells?

For example, let’s say you have the following chart, and you want to move and resize it so that it covers the range E2:H8.

It can be difficult and tedious to get it aligned just right; however, here is something that can help.

Select the chart, then go to Format, click on Align, and select Snap to Grid.

This will make it so the chart snaps to the gridlines within the worksheet whenever you move or resize it. As a result, it becomes much easier to align the chart with a specific range within your Excel spreadsheet.

Tip 2 – Show Hidden Data

Have you ever faced the problem where you hide the data for your chart, but then the chart becomes invisible?

If so, here is how you fix it. Right-click on the chart, and click on Select Data.

Click on the Hidden and Empty Cells button.

Check the box next to Show data in hidden rows and columns, and then click Ok.

The chart is now visible again, even with the data hidden.

Tip 3 – Move to a Different Worksheet

Here is an easy way to move your chart from one worksheet to another.

Right-click on the chart and select Move Chart.

In the dialog box that appears, select Object in, and then select the sheet where you want your chart to go.

Finally, click on Ok to move that chart to the selected sheet.

And those are three tips for working with charts in Microsoft Excel.

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